Who are we?

People for Public Transport (PPT) advocate and organise for better public transport in South Australia. We were formed in 1989.

If you want to see better public transport in SA, join now.

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What type of public transport do we want?

  • For everyone

People for Public Transport believes that no one should be left behind: public transport should be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Through its power to connect us, public transport must be the infrastructure of all.

  • Sustainable

The climate crisis has been driven, in no small part, by the way that cities have been built. At the same time, non-metropolitan areas are under-served by public transport infrastructure. An affordable, accessible and well-maintained transport system, designed with ecological principles at its heart, is one of the most important ways in which we can live more sustainably.

  • Enjoyable

Vibrant public transport is high quality public transport: frequent, reliable, fast and safe. Public transport should be frequent enough for it to be the preferred mode of transport when active transport is not feasible and it should go to places where people want to go.

How do we achieve this?

We achieve our aims through organising, education, and engagement.

We organise, educate and engage South Australian public transport users and supporters, to push for accessible and high quality public transport services and a more connected, caring and sustainable society.

  • Organise

We organise and mobilise members and supporters who share our concern for our communities and the planet. People are at the heart of People for Public Transport and we are here to support and amplify the voices of public transport users and local communities.

  •  Education

We educate on the value of public transport and what we would like to see in public transport. We work to make sure the whole community understands the value of public transport and that the full range of possibilities for public transport in South Australia are understood.

  • Engagement

We lobby decision-makers, engage with stakeholders, and engage with media, other community groups, and individuals and institutions who are directly impacted by the decisions made about public transport.

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